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We are a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to support Christian education. We believe in 'training young minds for Christ' by teaching the gospel to our youth and empowering them to be successful citizens. When you support our ministry, you help educate a child. You help some young person grow up to be a well-rounded individual who follows Godly principles.

Thank you so much for suporting our efforts!

Below are some of our fundraising events. Please make a donation and enjoy!

Bake Sale: Our homemade baked goods will leave your taste buds satisfied and wanting more! We offer Chocolate on chocolate, Red Velvet, Caramel, German Chocolate, and Yellow Cake. Whole cakes are available for a donation (contact us online at [email protected] for details).

The donation for cakes is $3.40 per slice if supporting online ($3.00 in person with cash). Please let us know which cake you prefer as you make your donation. If you would like to make a donation above $3.40 or if you would like more than one slice, please visit the Make a Donation page and enter the amount you would like to donate. You can enter which flavors you prefer on the "instructions to seller line."

BBQ Catering Plate Sale. We offer delicious BBQ chicken (leg quarter only), potato salad, baked beans and light bread on each plate for a donation of $10 cash ($11 if paying online). If you would like more than one plate or if you would like to order a catering plate + cake, please visit the make a donation tab. Enter the amount of your order. Catering plates are $11 each and cake is $3.40 per slice. Enter your cake flavor/s and the number of catering plates on the "instructions to seller" line. If you would like to make a donation above the amount of your order, please feel free to do so.